What you'll need:

  • A user name and password for Breezy
  • 5 minutes of your time
  • A Joonko account

Integrate with Breezy (8 steps)

1. Create an internal user for Joonko in your emails system

To add Joonko internal user as a member:
2. In your Breezy account go to Settings tab

3. Select Manage Members

Invite the Joonko internal user:

4. Put the internal Joonko user name:

5. Sign-up to Breezy with Joonko internal user and choose password for it.

To Make Joonko internal user as an admin:

6. Click Setting button > Make Admin

In order to complete the integration:

7. Put your Joonko internal user name and password to Breezy (make sure it is the password to Breezy and not the internal account):

8. Press "Send"

That's it!